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Navigating Cash Markets by Exploring Separately Managed Accounts

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by Britta Hion, Director, Head of International Corporate Cash Sales, BlackRock

Managing cash in separately managed accounts (SMA) should be considered by institutional investors as a real option where the benefits of customisation can be realised. Separate accounts can be as unique as the company itself and are completely driven by the objectives and risk tolerances of each mandate. Working with an external manager can provide significant value through a process of consultative dialogue combined with the depth of trading, risk management, credit research, and portfolio management resources the manager brings to the table.

Designing an investment mandate

In contrast to a commingled vehicle such as a money market fund (MMF) where the investment objective of the fund is typically described in the prospectus and changes are relatively unusual, SMA investors are able to define their own Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which in effect becomes the roadmap telling an external asset manager how they want their assets to be invested.