Treasury Strategy & Transformation
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Partners in Payment Fraud Prevention

Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bahn, the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe, is a complex operation stretching across 14 different business units. The firm’s treasury team worked with banking partner Deutsche Bank to create an effective anti-fraud approach to its payments. Dr Gerd Berghold, Head of Treasury Operations and Digital Treasury, Deutsche Bahn, explains the system to TMI.

The treasury department of Deutsche Bahn is kept busy overseeing more than 100,000 payments each day. These are a mix of treasury payments that are typically low volume, high value, and operational payments that are high volume but relatively low value.

Dr Gerd Berghold
Head of Treasury Operations and Digital Treasury, Deutsche Bahn

For operational payments, successful fraud attacks are relatively uncommon for Deutsche Bahn – although they do still happen. To date, the company has seen around 10 fraud cases with an overall loss in the lower five-digit euro range. On the treasury payments side, however, the risk of fraud is an ongoing concern. “While lower in number, a single fraud attack here would have a much more significant impact,” notes Berghold.