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Rethinking Bank Connectivity

by Gautam Jain, Managing Director and Global Head of Client Access, Standard Chartered Bank

Treasury’s needs are constantly evolving due to operational, economic, technological and regulatory changes. This requires banks to provide the functionality and flexibility to support their clients. Gautam Jain, Global Head of Client Access at Standard Chartered Bank, explains how this can be achieved so corporate treasuries always have the optimal banking channels for their current requirements.

While corporate treasuries have always had to contend with a shifting environment, recent years have seen considerably greater turbulence. Two obvious examples are the financial crisis and the exceptional rise of many Asian economies (e.g., China and India), which have radically altered the range of risks and flows that treasury has to manage.

These factors affect the way in which corporate treasuries do business and require supportive responses from banks. However, in order to accomplish this in the context of banking products and services, there are three critical trends affecting corporates to which banks must respond.