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SWIFT for Corporates: a Single Gateway to the Financial Industry

From Shanghai to São Paulo, SWIFT offers a compelling business case for corporates

by Luc Meurant, Head of Corporate Access Programme, SWIFT

In today’s financial landscape, corporate treasurers are faced with a growing number of challenges including increased pressure on cost and working capital, need for tighter control, globalisation, more stringent compliance and acquisitions. To help corporates navigate through this operational dilemma, optimise global visibility and control over cashflows and better manage risk, SWIFT together with the financial community provides a solution.

Alliance Lite allows both manual and automated operations and is cost effective and easy to use – allowing corporates to connect to SWIFT from anywhere using standard internet browser.

‘SWIFT for corporates’ allows corporates to exchange financial information (payments, treasury and securities orders, reporting) with all their financial institutions through one single, highly secure, standardised communication platform, as opposed to using multiple connections. SWIFT’s internationally-recognised standards are helping corporates to reduce costs and risk, increase funds visibility and efficiency through improved automation, leading to easier regulatory compliance. By joining SWIFT, corporates can enjoy optimal access to over 8,200 financial institutions, in 208 countries.

Today, more than 300 corporations are connected to SWIFT and the number is increasing rapidly. These companies are seeing tangible return on investment and are bringing greater efficiency to their treasury operations. Business cases developed by companies such as Dupont, Iberia, Novartis, Petronas and T-Mobile have all highlighted Return on Investment (ROI) in the range of 120 to 400%.