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SWIFT for Mid-Sized Corporates

A Sibos Review

by Helen Sanders, Editor

While Sibos 2007 was mostly attended by large, multinational corporates with multiple banking relationships, this year’s event saw a broader spectrum of companies expressing an interest in SWIFT connectivity, from mid-sized corporates to the largest multinationals, including companies with a primarily domestic focus, low volumes and few banking relationships.

As the interview with Elie Lasker on Alliance Lite illustrates, SWIFT are focusing on solutions for smaller companies, but there are alternative approaches in which an increasing number of corporates are already expressing an interest, such as service bureaus, member/concentrators and packaged solutions provided by some banks. In France in particular, there is a growing appetite amongst mid-sized corporates for a cost-effective, bank-independent connectivity solution to replace ETEBAC 5 as it is retired over the next few years.

With this theme, one of the most interesting sessions at Sibos was a panel on the subject of “SWIFT for mid-sized corporates”. In this article, we provide a précis of some of the key observations and experiences articulated by the panel.


Olivier Brissaud, Chairman of the EACT Board and Treasurer of Volkswagen Group Services S.A.