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The Importance of Visibility and Control: Managing Liquidity in Turbulent Times

by Martin Runow, Head of Cash Management Corporates EMEA, Deutsche Bank

While the ongoing crises in the Eurozone are a concern for all, the situation need not be one of doom and gloom. Martin Runow, Head of Cash Management Corporates EMEA at Deutsche Bank, discusses how increasing the visibility and control of liquidity and working capital can help Europe’s corporates navigate turbulent times.

Against the backdrop of the global economic crisis of 2008, and the ongoing financial market turmoil in the Eurozone, the control and visibility of liquidity and working capital has emerged as a core theme for European corporates. Cash control is, certainly, of particular importance to the region’s corporate treasurers who, under increasing pressure to do more with fewer staff and less fiscal resources, need to make the best use of available resources. In doing so, treasurers should be able to reduce debt and free-up trapped capital for short-term funding requirements or to increase return on investment.

Effective cash concentration and pooling can allow corporates to address short-term funding needs internally.