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The Third Movement in the SWIFT SCORE

by Helen Sanders, Editor

With market conditions changing daily, treasurers are caught in a whirlwind to ensure the business has the finance it needs, liquidity is maintained and that they have a firm handle on risk. Banks are changing the way that they assess the risk of their corporate customers, but are we doing the same with our banks? Disaster mitigation and recovery of all sorts has never been more important in treasury than today, not least to ensure that we are working with the right banks and in the event that a bank is unable to process transactions for whatever reason, our business is not unduly affected. With so many pressing concerns, should the issue of bank connectivity be put aside until the market stabilises? Definitely not – in fact, the events which have dominated the headlines over recent weeks should elevate connectivity on treasurers’ list of priorities.

By using SWIFT, treasurers have a back-up solution in the event of business interruption of any sort.