Cash & Liquidity Management
Published  8 MIN READ

Time to Dump the Swivel-Chair: Embracing New Technology

The adoption and roll-out of innovative technologies in treasury operations is not universal, with many treasurers still functioning with legacy tools, including spreadsheets. While the deployment of technology should never be seen as a panacea, as we will explore, considerable improvements can be achieved with the correct set of upgrades.

From an investment management perspective, treasurers looking to enhance their activities may already grasp the value of cash segmentation, notes Daniel LaRocco, Director, Money Markets, Northern Trust Asset Management (NTAM) Yet, what treasurers may not realise is that assistive technologies are immediately available to help improve the process of ‘bucketing’ cash into operational, reserve and strategic segments.

NTAM’s cash segmentation platform, for example, enables clients to optimise their forecasting and cash allocations, with additional capabilities such as cash flow analysis supporting investors in finding their balance between risk and return.

A Treasurer’s Guide to the Latest Investment Trends

This article is part of a playbook, created by TMI and Northern Trust Asset Management, which explores current trends in short-term investing.