Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Published  8 MIN READ

Time to Fly

Aergo Capital In Control With Salmon Software’s TMS

When manual processes across the financial function meet consistent growth and increasing complexity, treasury teams often look to the TMS market for a ready solution. Dublin-based international aircraft leasing firm Aergo Capital saw exactly what it needed in Salmon Software, as its finance and funding leaders explain.

There’s a point in the life of a business when, as everything seems to be slotting into place with its core activities, its supporting units need a boost to help take it all to the next level. With Aergo Capital, its largely manual treasury processes were nearing the limits of acceptability, and a big change was in the air.

Indeed, with manual payments for all loans, managing Aergo’s treasury operations required the attention of multiple personnel every month. Calendar reminders were used by the finance team to track its debt servicing obligations each month, following which, every payment had to be manually entered on to Barclays’ banking portal and then manually entered again into a spreadsheet to be uploaded into the accounting system and posted to the GL. The same labour-intensive drudgery applied to booking interest accruals at each month-end.

With more than 100 legal entities within the Aergo group, constant daily cashflows between these were a feature of the business. This too demanded more manual time and effort to log on to the Barclays portal, draft each and every payment, carry out the two-step authorisation process, and then book it into the accounting system.