Risk Management
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TMI Awards 2010: RBS

Putting risk management first – Why RBS remains the bank of choice

In the current economic climate, risk management remains a key strategic focus for RBS, and an important concern for our clients. We support best practice in risk management to ensure that any services we offer our clients not only satisfies their requirements but is engineered to remain competitive as their business grows. 

At RBS, we have looked at widening our product capabilities to make sure that all of our services come with risk management tools. Frequently, this means treasurers are provided with more detail and an easier way to monitor cash balances regionally. By providing clients with a more sophisticated and streamlined management information, we enable them to make more risk conscious decisions. 

Our regular discussions with corporate treasurers and CFOs highlight the fact that counterparty risk, the cost and availability of credit and the preservation of value remain high on their agenda. In the current economic climate, treasurers are favouring multi-banking in order to spread their company’s exposure to counterparty risk, and they are looking to technology to deliver this efficiently, without reducing the visibility of data, control, convenience or cost effectiveness.