Risk Management
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TMI Awards 2010: UniCredit & RZB

We at UniCredit are very proud of this award which underlines our strength in supply chain finance. Thanks to our largest international banking network in Central and Eastern Europe and our profound knowledge of CEE’s market and client base, our updated IT platforms and highly skilled Trade Finance specialists we are able to serve our clients´ needs best. 

Our product offering has been developed to serve and to help our clients to optimise their working capital throughout the entire supply chain and deliver successful win-win solutions to the parties involved. But technology is not a real differentiator in supply chain finance: all major SCF-banks have broadly the same offering. 

Instead, differentiation is based on the ability to offer sufficient credit facilities to accommodate and mitigate risk, to introduce new investors and on-board suppliers. 

Buying companies need to ensure their bank is capable of on-boarding with appropriate KYC (Know Your Customer)/AML (Anti Money Laundering). Banks need to decide how they will approach this opportunity: will they offer only that product or use it to build a relationship with those suppliers for other financial services. Also the support, active management and co-operation with core suppliers plays an important role to ensure a constant and quality-ensured supply chain. One of our strengths is the efficient management of the financial supply chain and working capital: we are able to offer SCF solutions in the 22 countries we operate in. Being one of the top three banks in most of the CEE countries UniCredit should be the first choice to set up SCF programmes in CEE.