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Treasurers on the Move

Mobile Payment Paves the Way for Better Business

An Interview with Marcus Treacher, Head of Innovation and Client Solutions, HSBC

When you free treasury and finance teams from their desks, simplify banking transactions and make business data richer and more accessible, the roadmap’s drawn for smarter and more efficient companies. This, says Marcus Treacher, is where mobile payments are taking us.

It was not so long ago that businesses simply accepted the cumbersome conventions of paying and receiving funds, like bankers’ drafts and three-day cheque clearance. With new innovations in payments, these unnecessary obstacles to doing business are fast disappearing. Both domestic and international transactions are changing. It’s a revolution in the way we think about moving money through the supply chain and, according to Marcus Treacher, who heads HSBC’s Innovation and Client Solutions team, there will be game-changing benefits for companies.

It’s a revolution in the way we think about moving money through the supply chain

“We traditionally think about banking solutions that improve how a company’s treasury department handles money, but the knock-on effects of mobile payments will reach every part of a business. In fact, I see the lines blurring between the activities of treasury and the rest of the business. Treasurers are starting to be freed from their desks and from mundane tasks, and through improved data, are becoming much more aware of the nature and metabolisms of the businesses they support. They will have the time and mobility to get involved in the company in a more rewarding way.”