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Treasury Reporting Made Easy

Hubert Rappold puts forward the case for a treasury information platform (TIP), which acts as a lightweight and flexible reporting platform for the treasury department and reduces companies’ reliance on error-prone Excel-based solutions.

A typical treasury department runs a number of systems: a treasury management system for day-to-day operations, a trading platform, a market information system, electronic banking software and so on. So why on earth would you really need a separate treasury information platform? After all, the data already exists in a multitude of other systems. Well, that is certainly true but also part of the problem.

If there is no single place where all the treasury data can come together to create your reports at the press of a button, you will most likely be forced into an inflexible data warehouse solution not suited for treasury purposes which is also used by other departments or into a ‘handmade’ spreadsheet-based solution with all its drawbacks. On top of that, even in an ideal world, when all your data is in a single system, there are circumstances where it is almost certain that you will need to integrate additional data. Just think about acquisitions. It usually takes years before the systems are harmonised.

So what do you do in the meantime?