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Treasury that Works – a success story

by Peter Schädelbauer, General Manager, Lindner Finanz GmbH

One of the most predominant subjects at this year’s CEBIT was how web-based software systems and software as service concepts will be able to change and optimise information technology within companies. Lindner Group’s Treasury Department has been working since 2008 with a forward-looking web-based application produced by BELLIN.

The company and the task at hand

Lindner Group is a worldwide family-owned company headquartered in Arnstorf, Germany and a leading producer of façades and interior fittings. The group’s constant growth and international expansion meant that the existing banking department needed to be transformed into a modern group treasury function. The foundations for this were laid in 2006. Until this point, the emphasis within what was then known as the banking department had been primarily on provision of day-to-day finance, bookkeeping as well as the management of guarantees. A banking product was used for the actual provision of day-to-day finance; diverse data and figures needed to be taken from various sources, manually reprocessed in Excel and merged in new reports. The increased demands meant that a new positioning was essential. New areas such as currency, guarantee and risk management required a new way of thinking and new processes.

In addition to the construction and expansion of a central treasury function, the introduction of a treasury management system (TMS) was a major step forward and an investment in the future.