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Turning the Supply Chain Tables

Dynamic Customer Finance


Best Supply Chain Solution

Everyone loves a bit of creative collaboration – especially when it helps support supply chains throughout a global pandemic. This is the story behind Borealis’ innovative idea to turn supplier finance on its head, with the support of C2FO. Together, the two companies have created a dynamic customer financing solution that strengthens buyer relationships by accelerating, or extending, timelines for outstanding receivables. This innovation was the hands-down winner of the TMI 2020 Corporate Recognition Award for Best Supply Chain Solution.

The timing for releasing a brand-new solution for supporting buyers to dynamically extend payment terms could not have been more well-orchestrated. Just as Covid-19 was starting to wreak devasting negative impacts on people and businesses, across the globe, Austrian-headquartered chemicals company Borealis was rolling out its innovative dynamic customer finance (DCF) solution, developed in partnership with C2FO.