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Integrating Cash and Risk: A Next Generation TMS

In April 2018, TMS vendor GTreasury acquired Visual Risk, a leading risk management and treasury software company based in Australia. The goal of the acquisition is nothing less than to create the most comprehensive TMS in the market. Eleanor Hill, Editor, TMI, catches up with three senior GTreasury executives to discuss how the integration of the two companies is going, and what unique benefits treasurers can expect from the new offering. 

Eleanor Hill (EH): GTreasury has had a busy year: could you provide a quick recap of some of the major milestones?

Orazio Pater, CEO, GTreasury (OP): We have had a very exciting 12 months, kicking off with a $42m investment from Mainsail Partners, a well-known growth fund, in September last year. On the back of that, we have made a number of investments, particularly in senior talent – people and expertise are absolutely fundamental to the success of our business. 

Importantly, the investment from Mainsail has also supported us in the acquisition of Visual Risk, which has functionally rich, innovative technology for forward-looking risk analytics, asset-liability management, and hedge accounting, as well as cash and treasury management. 

From a strategic perspective, Visual Risk has not only extended our geographical coverage, but has also enabled us to strengthen and differentiate GTreasury’s offering, to the point where we now have a leadership position. Our focus for the near future will be making the most of the integration of the two companies, but we will also continue to look at additional opportunities through both acquisitions and growth in our sales and marketing and services. In short, we are investing in all areas of the company.