Published  9 MIN READ

Sustainable Transition: Supporting Treasury’s ESG Journey

Treasurers are increasingly looking to support their business goals by exploring the growing range of ESG-related financial instruments. During a recent podcast, TMI Editor, Eleanor Hill, spoke with three experts from Treasury4Good Award-winners Societe Generale, to see how the bank is responding to this demand.

Corporate treasurers are keener than ever to find new ways to integrate ESG metrics across a wide range of cash management, financing and supply chain processes. This will often involve turning to their banking partners for advice – and the tools to make ESG really ‘happen’.

Louis-David Rouyer, Deputy Head Payments and Cash Management International Network, Societe Generale, has seen the growth of treasury interest in ESG first-hand: “For a year and a half now, we have seen a steady increase in requests from our corporate clients to integrate ESG features in treasury management,” outlines Rouyer. “Treasurers are eager to know if we can help them and advise them in a way that supports their ESG objectives to make their sustainable transition a success.”

It is no surprise that ESG issues are high on the agenda for treasurers, as integration of these factors can offer a range of benefits. These include more efficient processes, increased profitability, greater resilience, improved shareholder value, access to new investors or clients, and stronger supplier relationships. Treasurers have a pivotal role in financing the ESG transitions of their organisation and strategically advising senior management and board members. Understanding how to adapt to the changing operating environment is critical. One channel of support for treasurers comes from strategic partners such as banks.