Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Published  11 MIN READ

The Art of Co-creating and Co-ideating

Highlights from BNP Paribas’ European Treasury Board

The key to success in the delivery of both strategic and operational treasury systems is having access to the open and honest views of stakeholders. BNP Paribas’ regular Treasury Board meetings with clients and subject matter experts takes collaboration to the next level. Here are selected highlights from the most recent gathering.

Realising the power of co-creation and co-ideation is very much the driving force behind BNP Paribas’ regular Treasury Board meetings. From minor tweaks to major developments, the process seeks results that the treasury community knows from the outset are grounded in real-world needs because its involvement is encouraged from the outset.

In the most recent meeting of European treasurers held in Paris, co-creation conversations ranged from APIs and how to acquire real-time information to the digitalisation of B2B payments. In the co-ideation space, where new concepts are tackled head-on, discussions probed the possibilities of the end-to-end liquidity journey, and the fascinating notion of the ‘Easy Treasury’ toolkit.

APIs: time for real-time

It’s well known that APIs are not new, either as a technology or as a treasury topic. Indeed, Steven Lenaerts, Head of Global Channels & Digital Onboarding, BNP Paribas, reminds us that previous Treasury Boards have already explored the concept in terms of revealing the most important use cases and any caveats arising from their adoption.