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Leveraging Transformation to Enhance Treasury’s Value Proposition After deciding to insource its treasury operations, Borealis designed a new treasury organisation to meet its initial needs and future expansion, which included creating new front and back offices from scratch and expanding the role of group treasury in risk management and the financial supply chain.

Leveraging Transformation to Enhance Treasury’s Value Proposition

by Jan-Martin Nufer, Director Treasury & Funding, Borealis Group, Austria

In the October 2014 edition of TMI, Jan-Martin Nufer, Director of Treasury & Funding at Borealis, introduced the company’s treasury transformation project, which included insourcing treasury operations from a bank agency treasury. This involved redefining treasury technology, building talent and competences, developing a flexible organisational framework to integrate acquisitions, and firmly establishing a culture of constant improvement. As a result of excellent reader feedback from this article, Borealis was awarded the 2014 TMI Corporate Recognition Award for Innovation and Excellence in Treasury Transformation. In this article, Jan-Martin discusses some of the factors that have contributed to the evolving design and responsibilities of Borealis’ treasury organisation.

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