Innovations in Retail Payments


A TMI Webinar in partnership with BNP Paribas

This video is a recording of a live event that took place on Tuesday 19 October 2021.

The fallout from the pandemic has radically accelerated changes in consumer behaviour on a global scale. The payments sector has had to quickly adapt in order to keep up with the emerging demands of both digital consumers and retail corporates, resulting in some exciting technological innovations. In this webinar, we look at the key trends shaping the future of commerce, and how companies can set themselves up for success by achieving the following goals:

  • Blending physical and digital commerce
  • Optimising processes and reducing friction at the checkout
  • Transforming the consumer shopping and payment experience


  • Neil Pein, Global Head of Axepta BNP Paribas Group & Head of Payments Transformation
  • Todd Clyde, CEO, Token


  • Ben Poole, TMI Editorial Team