Treasury Technology
Published  20 MIN READ

Is a Treasury Tech Self-Build Feasible?

Treasury is an increasingly technology-enhanced function, and some treasurers have taken their involvement to the next level, building their own solutions. In the company of those who have travelled this path, we explore the build-buy-partner conundrum.

Build your own

Treasury technology is becoming increasingly useful and, with the advent of cloud, arguably cheaper to acquire and maintain. But that doesn’t stop some treasurers engaging in projects to either self-build or develop solutions that better cover their needs.

The driver for involvement at this level may be frustration that the perfect tool does not exist. It may also be a way of satisfying a technological curiosity, or even a notion that a new business is in the making. The motivation for Peter Zmidzinski, Founder of SwissMetrics, a digital risk management platform, spans all of these.

Peter Zmidzinski
Founder, SwissMetrics