Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Published  13 MIN READ

Predicting the Future – 5 Treasury Megatrends for 2022

The past 24 months have been anything but predictable. Yet, beneath the Covid umbrella, the world continues to turn, and progress marches on – especially in the area of transaction banking. But how can treasurers assess the latest industry innovations and sort genuine trends from hot air? Julie Lubell, Global Head of Trends & Intelligence Advisory, J.P. Morgan Payments, has the answers.

Business success depends on many factors. Chief among them is the ability to accurately anticipate, and adapt to, the megatrends of today and tomorrow. Unlike trends in the fashion world, or certain financial markets, treasury megatrends are neither whimsical nor transient. They are the forerunner of progress and innovation, as well as a cornerstone of business sustainability, in every sense of the word.

Julie Lubell
Global Head of Trends & Intelligence Advisory, J.P. Morgan Payments

Being a successful treasury trendspotter therefore requires a combination of knowledge, insight, creativity, curiosity, strategic thinking, and a healthy dose of scepticism – all of which Lubell has in spades. A self-confessed “geek”, she spends her days reflecting on the past, analysing the present, and extrapolating to the future.