Treasury Strategy & Transformation
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The Functions of a Corporate Treasury

At the end of 2008, Verband Deutscher Treasurer e.V. commissioned a survey to examine the functions of a corporate treasury. In addition, 142 corporate treasury job advertisements were examined and evaluated and compared to a similar evaluation performed in 2002.

The treasurer’s functions can in principle be classified as follows:

  • Core functions (functions which can be found in every company)
  • Marginal functions (activities which are extremely company-specific and/or only form part of the treasury in selected cases), as well as
  • Functions, marginal sectors and interfaces to other organisational units or tasks which, whilst being important to the treasury, do not normally form part of the treasurer’s role.

As far as its definition is concerned, the treasurer’s professional profile is of Anglo-Saxon origin. An evaluation of the survey indicates, among the core functions, a wide overlap with the Anglo-Saxon treasury model, although, some clear divergences were also found within the marginal and other functions.

The result of the survey discloses 6 core functions of the treasury of general significance: