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Interview – François Huchet

Director of Finance and Management Control, Razel

“Acting on the levers more than the causes”

Le Lettre du Trésorier

What does Razel do and how big is the company?

François Huchet

Razel is a construction business operating in France and Africa with a turnover of €405m in 2010. We employ 3,900 people, almost two-thirds of whom are overseas, and are now part of Group Fayat, which had a turnover of €2.7bn last year 2010] in construction and industrial activities such as road construction materials. Razel is involved in several areas of construction – civil engineering, roads, tunnels, earthworks, dams, highway maintenance, quarries, green spaces – and is divided into two types of activity – big projects, and our agencies’ and subsidiaries’ activity. Each year, we manage around 300 sites of all sizes each of which can reach €200m. On one hand, these present very different characteristics; on the other, they are all subject to considerable unknown quantities with heavy exposure to varied risks, particularly climatic and geologic. This varied and risky activity naturally has significant impact on the management of the treasury and financial risks.