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The Competitive Edge

– Using Non-Traditional Business Skills to Achieve Career Success

by Dr. Linda J. Taylor

With companies of all types now feeling the effects of the economic downturn, following a period of rapid global and technological development, the pressures on employees, as well as organisations, have changed dramatically. The employment market in all disciplines is highly competitive and with many firms downsizing, and fewer companies hiring, competition is likely to become even more aggressive. Treasurers are not immune from this trend, but even those whose jobs would seem secure need to continue to demonstrate value – both personally and as a department. With this in mind, we are delighted to present the first in a two-part series by Dr Linda Taylor. In this first article, she outlines the importance of political skills. In the second, which will appear in the next edition of TMI, she looks at social skills and offers advice on effective networking.


So, you’ve worked hard, met your deadlines, done extra work, and regularly put in extra time at the office. But you still haven’t achieved the career success you believe you deserve. Have you seen other colleagues get promoted and not understood why them and not you? The possible problem – you are still relying exclusively on traditional business skills to achieve career success.

The solution: Develop and use non-traditional business skills.

“I believe that my lack of development in this area [non-traditional business skills] has impacted my career…. It is an area that I am currently trying to develop.”[1]