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Treasury Outlook for 2013: A Year of Opportunity

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Is 2013 the year everything changes? While the economic challenges are far from over, proactive corporates are also sensing the opportunities afforded by the new landscape. Citi’s recent Treasury Outlook for 2013 conference highlighted key trends from each of the four major regions, and the different ways in which the bank is engaging with clients to design solutions to address the macroeconomic, regulatory and geographic trends.

With the US avoiding the fiscal cliff for now, and growth in Asia stabilising, it is easy to think that the worst is over for corporate treasurers, finance directors and supply chain management heads. Yet it may still be too soon to become optimistic. As such, Citi’s recent Treasury Outlook for 2013 conference brought together a number of corporates, financial services professionals and industry experts to discuss key trends they can expect for the coming year, and how best to not only safeguard against threats, but also take advantage of the opportunities.

The conference kicked-off with Michael Saunders, Head of Western Europe Economics, Citi, providing a macro-economic outlook for the year ahead.

“In Europe, the economy will disappoint,” stated Saunders. “Europe is finding it very difficult to become insolvent, and as a result, is sitting on debt it cannot shift. And the sovereign crisis in the region is far from over, with a Greek exit likely within the next few years.”